Medical Mentor in Ambulatory Care

Medical Mentor in Ambulatory Care

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A practical, hands-on resource for doctors in all specializeds, Medical Teaching in Ambulatory Care is a guide on training medical trainees and citizens in settings such as private practices and healthcare facility centers. Concise, engaging, and simple to follow, it is an ideal handbook for the hectic professional wanting to upgrade his or her teaching abilities. The authors cover fundamental education theory, specific teaching skills, methods for assessing students, and ideas on working with tough students. Readers can follow in addition to the story of an imaginary Dr. Smith, through whom the book offers useful examples that complement each theory, ability, and strategy provided. This new edition has actually been upgraded with crucial medical education theories that are now core to current techniques, broadened information on one-to-one teaching, and details on structured formats to use when evaluating client encounters with students. The authors likewise analyze the impact of digital innovation on medical education in office-based settings and provide suggestions on working with the brand-new generation of students who delight in– and expect– immediate access to information of all kinds.

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