Extra details asked for – [denial management] in medical billing

Extra details asked for – [denial management] in medical billing


Comprehending rejection reason:.

Insurance requesting any information from supplier or client after sending claim is called extra details asked for.

It is shown by denial code 226 and227

226 is info asked for from company.
227 is details asked for from client.

Additional information like medical records, Client’s COB or W9 type etc are requested to process the claim.

Thing first, we require to inspect remark code.
Remark code describes what specific details is requested.

If info asked for from client, require to forward to collection group and Details requested from provider need to send documents together with reconsideration form.
If there is no remark code on EOB. Required to contact insurance to confirm what details asked for by payor.

remark code site: https://www.wpc-edi.com/reference/codelists/healthcare/remittance-advice-remark-codes/

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