ICD-10 Codes for Chiropractic Medical Coding

ICD-10 Codes for Chiropractic Medical Coding

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Q: We had another question been available in on chiropractic coding for ICD-10, states, “I am a current recipient of my coding certification (July) and have just recently began working for a chiropractic workplace. I was hoping there would be some insight on whether the ICD-10 codes will still be the very same for these locations. Has anyone heard anything? Thanks!”.

A: In the past, there was a little set, there were some specific codes for chiropractic specialists and it’s actually altered that now they’re the exact same, it’s all incorporated in the very same. So, the comment, what I entered and did was I discovered a wonderful website for typical chiropractic codes, went in and looked at them and it was long, it was really long. I forgot that link there, however if you Google “typical chiropractic codes,” that will turn up. I took out a few of the ones that were on this list, it was all divided up. In reality, Cheryl has, I see that in the concerns, she has got it there www.chiro.org and after that there are some other things, but wonderful site with common codes. I pulled some of the ones that I believed would be typical; then, I coded them in ICD-9, then I coded them in ICD-10

Let’s look at a few of those so you can get an idea of how the codes are set up. The more you’re exposed to ICD-10, the easier it feels. And then in ICD-10, it’s going to be: G43

The wording is almost the very same, however you’ll observe with your ICD-10 codes, it starts with a letter and you have two characters prior to the decimal, and then you can have multiple characters after that. The fantastic aspect of ICD-10 is you’ll not run out of numbers or spaces since you can simply keep going and going and going, and after that sometimes you’ll see a letter at the end, an “A” or an “S.”.

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  1. Marcy Phillips September 8, 2015 at 1:34 am -

    If you use any codes ending with a zero or 9 they are non covered codes, because they are (non specified or unspecified) you should use the next codes down indicating the specific area of treatment ICD 9 739.1 Cervical region would be ICD 10 M99.11. Nothing unspecified will be covered, you must use specificity. Remembering 1 means the right side and 2 means left side when indicating which side for spceificity.

  2. Janice Hicks June 22, 2019 at 6:40 am -

    I have Osteoporosis , and my Chiropractor uses the Sigma Machine on me . I called Medicare and they said they have to be doing a manual manipulation , which I can't have done cuz It could break my bones….I have never heard of this in all my 10 years of being on Medicare.A/B supplement…He has helped me so much and I know he would not be doing anything that would jeopardize his practice. Medicare told me he didn't think the Sigma Machine would be covered……Is it ? Also they told me that a MD has to do the xrays and see that I have a subluxation or not before the Chirorpractor would be covered……is that true? this man was freaking me out ….I hope you can answer this ….oh also he said Medicare will not cover maintence , only subluxations and 3 months of treatment once discovered…….When did these new rules start ? I saw on My Medicare that the Limit was lifted also for Chiropractic Treatments then they say it only covers up to $1600 and after they have to prove it is medically necessary…..I don't know what to do now ……I need PT and I need my Sigma machine…I refuse any RX for treatment of osteo cuz it has very serious side effects to it …and these doctors will kick you out if you don't take Fosamax or Prolia …..I have had it happen to me twice now once for each drug I refused…they cost $1400 a shot and I know so many who have lost their jaw bone and had to have plastic dental surgery after taking Fosamax which is Fluoride in high doses which is what causes Osteoporosis in the first place is fluroide in our tap water in Michigan since 1945…………I hope you can clarify this for me cuz I am so fed up with the Medical System and their toxic drugs is all the are able to treat with …….and I don't want to take any of them.