Medical Coding

Medical Coding

Thinking about a career as a medical coder at Christiana Care?
To help resolve a need for medical coders at Christiana Care, the Health Info Management (HIMS) department is offering a 2nd session of the acute-care, hospital-based “Coder Training Program” to train qualified candidates thinking about a profession as a hospital-based coder.

Coding is the procedure of translating the details pertaining to diagnoses, conditions, treatments and procedures contained in a client’s chart into sets of alphanumeric diagnostic and procedure codes. Coded info is used for billing, reporting statistics to regulatory and accreditation agencies, planning for extra or brand-new healthcare services and to examine efficiency of treatment while determining quality of care.

The program is a 13- month, full-time, used core curriculum designed to prepare successful candidates for a position in coding at Christiana Care. Individuals take course work in a class setting in anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, standard pharmacology, medical terms, ICD-10- CM, ICD-10- PCS and CPT coding. The training includes a coding practicum experience with hands-on coding tasks using archived and real-time medical records in both practice and live coding environments.

– High School graduate or equivalent.
– Effective completion of biology/chemistry classes at a high-school level or above chosen.
– Precise completion of application procedure.
– Successful conclusion of interview and assessment process with Human Resources and HIMS Coding Management.
– Demonstrated abilities via assessment tests in reading understanding, analytics and interaction– written and spoken.

To learn more about this extensive, paid, coder training program scheduled to begin in October 2016, listen to this presentation.

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