Medical Coding vs. Medical Billing

Medical Coding vs. Medical Billing

Medical Coding vs. Medical Billing
Distinctions between the 2 occupations and how they work together.

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Officially established in 2007 however established in 2000, Tri-County Allied Health School is a pioneer in informing health care professionals for a career as a Medical Coder. This Institution provides a few of the most detailed medical coding programs in Southern California. Led by Mr. Arnold Ardevela, our programs not only gives trainees an in-depth research study of medical coding and compensation but it also gives them the practical know how to apply that understanding in real world situations.

In our state of the art school we prepare trainees to acquire nationally recognized qualifications as a Medical Coder. We have actually committed technology, resources, a computer laboratory and partnerships with several health care facilities to provide students the educational foundation, training and hands-on experience they require to advance in their medical coding professions.

We have medical coding programs readily available for those without any medical background, experience or training. We also have programs offered for those who wish to take their training to the next level and obtain a various credential or concentrate on a subspecialty of medical coding.
Our Medical Coding Professional Program consists of 800 course hours completed in 13 months. It caters to those without any medical experience or training and prepares them to be a hospital-based coder and acquire their Licensed Coding Professional (CCS) credential.


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